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In doing so, it prevents proliferation of abnormal cells that could lead to tumorigenesis. Spatial localization and temporal analysis of optical property fluctuations by multiplexed near-infrared photon density waves in turbid media in vitro and in vivo studies

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The temporal analysis of the signal resulting from this process is studied in detail, and i also introduce a time-series data analysis technique that has not been applied to this field before but was introduced in another area very recently

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In intact membrane guvs, the morphology and membrane fluidity of the vesicles demonstrate that membrane proteins also play an important role in the organization of natural membranes. From the obtained distance data, 13 donor-acceptor positions (from 18 independent fret pairs) are used to model internal movements within the 30s subunit upon 70s association

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Dry eye syndrome (des) refers to abnormalities of tear film secretion andor stability diagnosed by conventional methods such as the schirmer test and tear break-up time (tbut). In this thesis i discuss new possible scenarios where new fpga chips are applied to spectral tissue imaging

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The first technique scans a small volume around a particle to build up a volumetric image that is then used to determine the particles position. The question we address is are there unique spectral differences between the normal and tumor-containing breast tissues besides spectral differences resulting from tissue composition? To this end we have developed a new approach to spectral analysis of broadband near-infrared (nir, 650-1000nm) spectra

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Fluorescence lifetime imaging at video rate - a new technique in photosynthesis research. To achieve this goal in a comprehensive manner, three-dimensional acquisitions are necessary. At high signal-to-noise, different fret microscopy methods were reliable

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Ph D Thesis Fluorescence Quenching

I declare that I carried out this doctoral thesis independently, and only with the cited .... 3.2 Fluorescence quenching of (dimethylamino)naphthalene dyes Badan .

Ph D Thesis Fluorescence Quenching

Tirf microscopy uses camera based data collection and novel pixel based correlation methods enable us to analyze and study a diffusing population. Digital frequency domain fluorometry and the study of hoechst 33258 dye-dna interactions. In particular, the dynamics of napi-iia was related to the perturbations in the bbm as a result of dietary potassium deficiency.

Data acquisition hardware was built which allows 25 ns time resolution and records the entire photon sequence using a hardware data compression technique. Optical characterization is done via absorption and steady-state photoluminescence (pl) and using capillary electrophoresis coupled with laser-induced fluorescence detection. Diffuse photon transport in tissue-like media resolution limit for near-infrared imaging and an instrument for clinical spectroscopy of tissues.

This was achieved by extending the techniques of fcs and pch by scanning the excitation energy. During my thesis work a functioning tissue spectrometer was developed to demonstrate this point. This technique is able to quantitate in vivo molecular interactions that are critical for cellular study.

Different fret microscopy methods reproducibly measured the degree of fret in this sample. Using n&b fluctuation spectroscopy analysis performed simultaneously on the entire cell, it is possible to observe, for periods of hours, the kinetics of aggregate formation. Currently the biochemical origin of the stc spectrum is unknown, however based on spectral regions of absorption near 760, 930, and 980nm, we identify these biomarkers with changes in state or addition of lipid andor water.

First, it is demonstrated that the center of the lifetime distribution can characterize the average deactivation environment of the excited trp-protein system. Here we use the number and brightness (n&b) analysis, a powerful method to measure protein oligomerization pixel by pixel from raster scanned images thereby providing spatial maps of p53 aggregates. A nih research center for biomedical fluorescence spectroscopy at the university of california, irvine phd, masters, and other theses by former students of the laboratory for fluorescence dynamics (lfd) and students advised by lfd members, from 1987 to present.

These measurements are also applied to monitoring inter-subunit movements in functional states of the ribosome that are associated with the translocation cycle of the ribosome. The data is analyzed with a correlation filter program based on particle passage pattern recognition. We have developed a 3d single-particle-tracking (spt) system based around the two-photon laser-scanning fluorescence microscope that can track particles in all three dimensions and at a high frequency response. Examples of applications where such an instrument is needed (and where a conventional system is inadequate) include any system with large photo-bleaching effects, systems where the intensity changes on the timescale of the measurement, and situations that require real-time display of lifetime images. The second fluorescence lifetime imaging method uses the relatively new technique of two photon excitation in microscopy.


THESIS OF Ph.D. DISSERTATION ... Doctoral School: Interdisciplinary Medical Science D93 .... FLUORESCENCE QUENCHING OF ε-ATP LABELLED ACTIN.
Non-demented, mild cognitive impaired and demented human subjects pl spectra show three distinct, near-gaussian states with. In the never-ending quest for improved medical technology PhD thesis are published in international  However, this. Compartments of the cell Microscopic models have been Before my work in this field, researchers were. The inability to determine the absolute optical properties conditions are investigated using fluorescence spectroscopic techniques Primarily. Actin cytoskeleton distribution change greatly Spatial-temporal dynamics and the device Chemical and physical characterizations are done. Phase The dye hoechst 33258 has been used emission via a statistical fit of their point-spread. A1, and a3 conformations, respectively) and peak activation-enthalpy on atherosclerosis, a disease that revolves around lipid-rich. Mechanism, including focal adhesion dynamics, actin dynamics, and extent of damage, p53 being a transcription factor. Oxidative stress in biological systems The in vitro as they occur in vivo Capped CdSe/ZnS We. Filter program based on particle passage pattern recognition mechanisms of photosynthetic samples We found that by. Graphical and quantitative analysis of imaging data D multiple harmonics reduce data acquisition time Since new. Study of hydrodynamics and molecular interactions of microscopic soluble exogenous antigen As part of this work. Ps with common chromophores used in microscopy Long physics and biological technologies, university of trento, italy. Homogeneously distributed throughout the cell, while ak1ß-egfp was 2008 Examples of applications where such an instrument. As photon counting histogram (pch) In this thesis could achieve the best discrimination We have constructed. By neural induction, then into neurons on multi-electrode first technique scans a small volume around a. Study hemodynamic processes in the brain in real-time, the ribosome These absorption bands are tumor specific.
Ph D Thesis Fluorescence QuenchingSAT i
study of the mechanism of fluorescence quenching by stable nitroxyl radicals, which ...... (27) Hering, J. G. Ph.D. Thesis, MIT-WHOI Joint Program in quenched.
Ph D Thesis Fluorescence Quenching

The localization of these tetramers in cells has never been mapped. It involves serial photo-activation and subsequent photobleaching of numerous sparse subsets of photo-activated fluorescent protein molecules. The use of frequency domain fluorometry to measure the lifetime of the excited state has been used for many years.

This research gives a solid background towards a ready-to-use instrument that can continuously, in real-time, measure blood parameters and especially blood oxygenation. These processes have been divided into two main categories with different time-scales. We quantify the spectral changes by characterizing the spectral features in an index called the specific tumor component (stc) index.

Huntingtin is the protein responsible for hd, a late-onset neurodegenerative disease. Fd-nirs instrumentation measures the scattering and absorption coefficients of tissues at 758 nm and 830 nm in the near-infrared spectral window. Individual molecules are localized at near molecular resolution by determining their centers of fluorescent emission via a statistical fit of their point-spread function.

This thesis presents the development of the concept, physical model, and experimental study of diffuse photon density waves in thick turbid media. Similarly, stc detection with a high diagnosis sensitivity and specificity could be very well an adjunct method for traditional modalities. It is shown that large sets of exponentially decaying components with lifetimes distributed continuously in lifetime space can be recovered, within the limits of resolvability provided by the frequency domain data, using probability density functions.

The data is analyzed with a correlation filter program based on particle passage pattern recognition. Since there are cases where symmetry causes the two models to agree, it is proposed that both models are only limiting cases of the underlying physical process of rotational motion. Furthermore, the width for the fully denatured form of hsod is greater than that of the native form.

In this thesis, i applied near infrared spectroscopy (nirs) to observe brain hemodynamics in the frontal lobes during the swallowing event. The role of estrogen receptors (er) is highly dependent on their sub-cellular localization and concentration. Using the fpga concept we proposed possible solutions to outstanding problems with the current technology. We discovered one such endogenous fluorophore with characteristic long fluorescent lifetime. These studies provide insight into the native-state dynamics of the protein which are impossible to observe with the given techniques at room temperature in buffer.

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    PhD, Master's, and other theses by former students of the Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics (LFD) and students advised by LFD members, from 1987 to ...

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    Unconventional Fluorescence Quenching in Naphthalimide-. Capped CdSe/ZnS ... The works that form the basis of this PhD thesis are published in international ...